November 21, 2007


Several of you asked for opinions about Halloween, and I never responded. I'll briefly share now. This holiday tends to make me so sad. In military housing, everyone REALLY decorates for all the holidays. Somehow not one single house is ever just cute for Halloween. It's always creepy and scary. Pumpkins and some cats are cute, but no one ever uses those. Our children have to walk up and down these streets for entire month before the night, so even though we didn't trick or treat my children still have to see all of that. We had multiple churches in our area that held "trunk or treat" things with blow up jumpers, so we got to enjoy the night without going to houses. I would love it if there was another day of the year that we could say was dress up day! The costumes are the best (if not the only) fun part of Halloween. Samantha rejected her ladybug costume minutes before we left, so I made her a pseudo-cowgirl. All she really had was a blue jean skirt and boots, so I've left her picture out.


jill said...

awww!! what a handsome little pirate!! i feel the same - i hate the decor of h-ween. so ugly. love MOST of the costumes tho - lol

Stephanie said...

"Aargh, Matey! Walk the plank!"

"We are the pirates who don't do anything..."

My guys are really into pirates now, too.