October 27, 2009

For God So Loved the World...

Today Timothy decided to teach Samantha John 3:16.  This provided about an hour of entertainment for me, as these were some of the things overheard:   

  1. Timothy said to "repeat after me". T: "John 3:16", S: "John 3:16", T: "For God so loved the world." S: "IT HAS MY FAVORITE NUMBER, NUMBER FOUR!!!!" 

  2. When he got to "but have everlasting life", Samantha was getting a bit bored.  She was distracted and not responding, so he kept saying, "Say but... say but...say but now"!!!!

    October 13, 2009

    Samantha and Daddy at the Zoo!

    Samantha has always been very confident about what she likes. Her favorite color is (and always has been) red. Her favorite number is (and always has been) 4. And her favorite animal is the elephant, as evidenced by this picture taken at Mountain Mike's a month ago...

    During the month of October, all kids are free at the San Diego Zoo, and active duty military are free all the time. Sunday I asked Dan if he would find an hour or two this month to take Samantha to see the elephants.  Dan quickly accepted my request and took Samantha this morning! 

    She was immediately in heaven when she saw this before they even got to the front gate.

    Our girl loves to pose silly for the camera!

    This is a bird that's extinct.

    But here is what they really came for.

    My Baby Girl made a friend at the zoo today.

    I wish I could post the amazing video that Dan took of her at the kangaroo exhibit saying, "Daddy, we need to go to the elephant AREA!" What a precious memory Dan will always have of this time with his daughter.