July 16, 2009

Everyone's Hero

Yesterday we saw Everyone's Hero as part of Regal Theaters free summer movies. It was our first time to see it, and it was so cute! Here's what I liked...
  1. Heartwarming & inspiring story (more like a non-animated film)
  2. Fantastic cast-practically every voice was a famous person
  3. Humor-the baseball (voice by Rob Reiner) had a great sarcastic wit, and the physical comedy had the kids throughout the theater roaring with laughter
  4. Perseverance was encouraged-the main character didn't want to play baseball anymore because he wasn't good, but his Dad taught him that the only way to get good is to "Keep on Swinging". This is a continuing concept we try to teach Timothy, and we have already used this phrase a few times since the movie!
Here's the trailer:

I highly recommend it! And just in case you don't know about the summer movie programs in your area, here's the information. Just click on the theater name:

Regal Cinema Free Family Film Festival

This theater offers 2 movies every Tues & Wed at 10am. Both play each day, and at the theater we go to they played each movie on 2 screens. The one drawback of this theater (to me) is that Samantha's weight can't hold the chair down. She has to either sit on the very edge of the seat or in my lap. The obvious plus side is that these movies are completely free!

AMC Summer Movie Camp
This theater offers 1 movie on Wed at 10am. There is a $1 admission fee that goes to charity. Both theaters are playing generally the same movies, just in a different sequence. As I've stated already, I think the AMC theater is more conducive to a preschooler. Not only do the seats stay down, but the chairs have high backs which allows less fiddling with other people.

We've had great experiences at both, and the most important thing is that it's the cheapest way to ever see a movie!


Carrie said...

I have been meaning to take my kids to those free movies but I always forget about it. Thanks for the reminder!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great movie! Thanks for the movie tip, I'm always looking for family friendly things!