October 27, 2009

For God So Loved the World...

Today Timothy decided to teach Samantha John 3:16.  This provided about an hour of entertainment for me, as these were some of the things overheard:   

  1. Timothy said to "repeat after me". T: "John 3:16", S: "John 3:16", T: "For God so loved the world." S: "IT HAS MY FAVORITE NUMBER, NUMBER FOUR!!!!" 

  2. When he got to "but have everlasting life", Samantha was getting a bit bored.  She was distracted and not responding, so he kept saying, "Say but... say but...say but now"!!!!

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    Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

    And you were so amused because you understood his frustration? :) Maybe that's why I just turned Sam loose on the floor with the big kids playing with Thomas tracks all over the boys' room. :) I tell them to just pretend Sodor is being attacked by a baby giant. :)