December 10, 2007

Gerber--Good Customer Service!

I have been a faithful customer to Gerber. After trying several sippy cups when Timothy was 1, this is the one I landed on and found it very satisfactory. When Samantha was born, it became even more convenient because the pink and green come in the same pack. It's just a rule now that the green ones are Timothy's and the pink one's are Sam's. Unfortunately, just like pairs of socks in the dryer, the spill-proof valves seem to go missing! After no luck finding the replacement valves at Walmart or Target, I decided to write Gerber and ask where I could find them before I start searching all over San Diego. Within a day they responded with a list of about 10 stores that supply the valves (all grocery stores). I was quite pleased with that information alone, but then the very last sentence of the letter said, "We would be happy to send you a complimentary pack until you are able to locate these stores." That was about 4 days ago, and they arrived in the mail today! I am a very happy consumer.


jill said...

hmmm, may have to try that in my hunt for sippies!

Stephanie said...

Wow! Quick and helpful response and free product. Loving that!

Anonymous said...

Been catching up on the blogs --love the anniversary blog--the Smiths are blessed to have you in this family! (I've said that for years about ME! Ha!) Those are the most beautiful children!! Keep writing--I feel I can be closer this way and I am getting to "know that niece and nephew better" Tell them Aunt June loves them (and the big SD and Alicia too!)