December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

I think this was my favorite Christmas ever. Our church had a Christmas Eve service. Our pastor is a phenomenal, humble teacher, and the music is fantastic on a usual basis. It was no surprise that the Christmas Eve service was extremely worshipful. Our church also overlooks the San Diego Bay, so we got to watch the sunset over the ocean during the service! The sky matched the praise song slides. Afterwards we wend to the Del Mar Holiday of Lights, which is cool lighted scenes of Christmas. We came home and everyone got into their Christmas pjs. After that we read the Nativity story (Sam wanted to crash my glass Mary & Joseph together), & we let the kids open 3 gifts. We only gave the children 3 gifts from Dan & myself, but of course they ended up getting 11 or so total. Because we still wanted to explain the 3 gifts that Jesus received we decided to open 3 on Christmas Eve and then the rest this morning.

This morning was so joyous. Samantha has to get a breathing treatment as soon as she wakes up. As Dan said yesterday, "CF doesn't stop for Christmas". The treatment lasts about 15 minutes, and Timothy was completely patient while we got it done. We had a relaxing and enjoyable time opening gifts, and then the kids just played and played happily. Samantha is crashed out taking an early nap and Timothy is going to get to play his remote control car out in the cul de sac. At 1 today we are going to SEA WORLD!!! How fun is that?


Christi said...

I miss you! I am so glad you had a wonderful Christmas! I want to see more pictures!
Love you girl!

Shayna said...

I'm so glad you had a lovely Christmas. Watching the sunset over the ocean during your Christmas Eve service sounds amazing! I hope Sea World was fun! (And gosh... I'm glad it wasn't the zoo...)

Stephanie said...

I like the idea of opening 3 presents. Sounds like a lovely Christmas.