January 26, 2010

Potty Train-ed (past tense)????

Nothing could bring me out of my blogging hiatus then the absolute joy of having a child potty trained!!! Samantha has had so many issues related this that it has been an interminable endeavor. She has some serious bladder/digestive problems AND she had (has) terrible fears of toilets and the noises they make. All of those factors have combined to a 4 yr old who is still in diapers!!!

Well, all of that began to change last Wed night (Jan 20th, 2009!!). She was trying desperately to stay awake and was using every trick in the book to get out of bed.  After exhausting everything, she tried the one thing she knew wouldn't get her in serious trouble, "I need to go poopy!!!"  Dan and I didn't even leave the living room because we thought it was a big hoax.  Lo and behold-she pooped in the potty for the first time.  We were in shock! 

So things have not been 100% perfect since Wed, but she has repeated this event, so we feel like this is the real deal!

And then this morning I had the biggest, happiest news ever.  Her diaper was dry this morning for the very first time.  DRY!!!!  DRY DIAPER!!!!  It's so exciting!!!  She even came downstairs naked already saying, "Mom, I don't want my diaper on."

Way to go, Baby Girl!  Pretty soon you'll let go of everything baby about you, but you'll always be my Baby Girl!!

Update:  Later this same day, we were at Timothy's school for a parent's meeting.  Samanatha came to me to tell me her "bottom hurts".  I raced her to the nearest bathroom which was closed, and then we ran to the next closest.  She held it in AND went #2!!!  Such a victory!


Natasha said...

So excited for you!!!!! I do not think Evynn will have a dry diaper until long after she heads off the college!!! But she does her poopy in the potty now a days so I am happy for that!!!! Have you spoken with Dena about this? She is has been having some success with Noah too!!!

steffenboysmom said...

Can I get a Whoo whoo? Yeah Sammy!

Congrats Mom!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Yipppeeee!!!!! (And yeah for a post from Alicia!!)

We've been having success here also. This month I've had a chart for Ellie when she wakes up dry (she already goes all day - including naps). When she goes a whole week with a dry diaper in the morning then she gets to pick a restaurant for dinner (probably Chuck E. Cheese). It's been very motivating for her! She almost had it 5 days in a row and woke up wet on day 6. Her little heart just broke (so did mine).

Ben on the other hand is perfectly content to wake up with a wet pull-up. Sigh.

I join you is celebrating Sam's (and yours) success!!!

Dan said...

What a relief! Oh, go Sam! And go Alicia!

danette said...

Woo-hoo!! Congrats to her and you! :)