January 1, 2012

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2011 In Review:
  • February "Blizzard of 2011"
  • April-Timothy got glasses.  He loves them!
  • June-My first homeschooling conference.
  • August-Dan made Chief, and I found out I was pregnant! 
  • September-Samantha's sinus surgery & first CF related hospitalization
  • November-Discovered we were having a little girl
2011 was a kind year to us.  The 5 years prior to this one have stretched us beyond belief, so I have to admit it was nice to have a slight reprieve. 
Looking ahead to 2012:
  • As Samantha continues to have weight issues, she will be getting a g-tube if we don't see some consistent progress.  Praying hard about that.
  • In early April, we meet Hannah Grace!  Big changes ahead!
  • Timothy will continue receiving amazing therapy.
  • Dan will start getting paid as a Chief-yippee!!
I'm grateful to God for the hard years and the "easier" ones.  Whichever 2012 turns out to be, I can't wait to experience it with my precious Savior.

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Kate said...

Praying for Sam's weight gain! So excited for your Hannah Grace to arrive! The few interactions I've had with Timothy, were really great ones - what an awesome kid :) hope his therapy continues to help him. And as for that Chief pay, August can't get here soon enough, lol. Agreed- whatever this year holds for our family, I am looking forward to it knowing God's got it all under control!