May 22, 2008

American Idol Wrap Up

Okay, so those of you who know me know that I am a serious AI fan. I haven't blogged much about it because, well, I haven't been blogging! But I'm thinking I need to get some final thoughts out of my system as we wrap up season 7. So David Cook has been my favorite for weeks and weeks, but I have to admit I thought Archuleta did the best he's ever done last night. I really thought he was going to win it by a landslide. No big deal. I'm used to my favorite not winning. I've been watching since Season 1, top 7 or so. Here's a recap of my favorites so everyone can laugh at me:

Season 1-Justin Guarini (seriously, I loved listening to him)
Season 2-Clay Aiken (ALL TIME FAVORITE!!)
Season 3-LaToya London (that was a rough year)
Season 4-Bo Bice or Vonzell Solomon
Season 5-Elliot Yamin (Yes, I also loved Mandisa)
Season 6-Melinda Doolittle (liked several: Phil, both Chris's, Blake)

It took 7 seasons for the contestant I've been rooting for to win!!! I just can't believe it, and by 12 million votes. Who knew? And even though there has been a dip in ratings, there IS going to be a Season 8! Yippee! So who were your favs of past seasons??

One more anecdote: Last week a friend of mine received a voucher to attend AI. She could pick last night or tonight's show. Because she already had plans today (being our fearless MOPS leader), she picked last night. The voucher is good for 4 people and gets you a place in line. It's first come, first serve to actually get in. Well, she invited me, but since they had to leave at 5:30am yesterday to go get in line I had to say no. I have friends here, but I don't have "watch my kids for 17 hours" friends. So I said no, and yes my friends got into the show. They were there last night LIVE watching the two David's battle it out. We had breakfast this morning, and I officially told them that I was happy for them and I hate them all at the same time (because I'm Godly and caring and think of others' happiness before my own.)

First time that all in one week we wrap up Dancing with the Stars AND American Idol. Good thing "So You Think You Can Dance" starts tomorrow...


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I hear ya! I've got a couple of watch-my-kids-for-17 hours-while-I-have-a-baby friends, but I don't know if they'd do it for a concert. = ) I don't know if I'd do it for someone else for a concert/show. = )

Sharon said...

I truly hope you'll get another opportunity to see A.I. live and in person! I admire your character, as I would have been tempted to pawn off my young-unz to complete strangers. (just kiddin') I really liked both Davids, but was pulling for the "elder". Of course, the little girls in my house are crazy for David Archuleta (although my youngest calls him David Pinata, she just can't get his name right!) God bless!

jill said...

i canNOT believe you liked justin, bo and vonzell - that's cracking me UP. i called carrie winning it that year from her audition. clay was my fave too. season 3 was awful. i liked melinda too, but jordin is good and a much better marketer's dream. i'm so glad archie didn't win. i mean really, how many times has that elton john been sung, only the best time by clay??? that's my book for you i guess. LOL i heart david cook

Kerri said...

I thought the jokey thing about Simon comments was a hoot..I totally agree with the Guru was dead on with the facial hair with David Cook. I thought Brooke White did great on her song with the McDonald guy. Seemed like she was carrying him. I also thought Syesha and David did good on their song with their respective stars.. Jordin Sparks is as good as ever but the dress did not flatter her where Syesha looked like a million bucks...I was afraid Paula was going to fall out of her top on the song with the CRAZY Renaldo. It was almost a Janet Jackson super bowl moment...Say Randy the suit...what's up DOG? I'm not feeling it man...The girls number with Donna Summer was a blast from the past but speaking of weight...WOW. I am sure you are too young to know her the boys number ended up being cheesy to me but it was great to see most of them. That one guy who got out so early I can barely remember... The silly Gladys Knight thing was cute Jack Black can really dance good for a big guy...Carrie Underwood I could almost see her underpants (OH MY)...But great singer...Christy Lee Cook...IS beautiful Amanda looked so uncomfortable on both the group numbers. I just love Chekezie...He's so cute. Jason did not even belong in the top 12 I don't think...and he was weak on the group numbers though Alleluia was good...Many of the girls are not great dancers esp Amanda and Brooke they really struggle. Syesha on the other hand has moves though they are too sexy for my taste.

Congratulations Cook...I really did not care either way...

Mamacita said...

Wow, that's awesome that your friends got to go! My husband's work gave out chances to go last year, but we didn't win. Well, at least you get to see your friends' "live" pictures! :)