May 4, 2009

Day in the Life of this Mom...

Due to some random events all falling on the same day, my schedule looked a bit out of the ordinary today:

6:20am-opened up blinds and doors in both kids' rooms in an attempt to wake them early
6:40am-woke Sam up, fairly easily with a Cheerios bribe (her new love)
6:50am-woke Timothy up, not easily, but he was in a good mood.
7:10am-drove Sam to her first day of preschool (3 mornings a week the month of May)
7:30am-dropped Sam off
7:50am-chatted with a friend down the street as she was headed TO the preschool
8:15am-friend dropped her infant baby off with me because she had an appt. and had the pleasure of hearing Timothy say cute things like:
  • Zero yr old
  • tickle tickle
  • Say ahhhhhh (trying to the Isabella to take her pacifier)
  • Her name is Cinderella?
  • Why does she sit backwards?
8:40am-dropped Timothy off at school. T walked to his class from the gate all by himself for the 1st time today. I stayed on the street and waved through the playground fence since Bella had fallen asleep.
9:30am-met 2 friends at the playground. One of them watches another infant and her kids were at preschool with Samantha, so we got a kick out of having strollers there today instead of our big kids!
10:45am-left playground to go get Samantha from preschool
11:00am-mom of Bella called to say they were done, and we coordinated drop off! Bella could not have been more fun or more enjoyable! She is beautiful!
11:30am-picked up Samantha-she LOVED her first day!
11:50am-ate lunch with Samantha at Taco Bell to kill some time.
12:15pm-went to Timothy's school for his lunchtime. Their class raised the most money in "Pennies for Pasta", and they were rewarded with Olive Garden today. I helped serve (and no, I didn't eat a second lunch!) Then the kids got extra recess time, so we had a great time afterwards too!
2:00pm-came home and put Samantha down (she totally crashed!)
2:30pm-writing this blog post!
3:15pm-Samantha and I go back to school to get Timothy!!!!!!

Lots of driving, but it was such a fun day! Tonight we are going to do homework and chill out!


pam said...

You are a busy lady!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

You dropped Sam off at 7:30 AM?! That alone is reason for me to never do preschool with my kids!!! :) I'm barely coherent when Joel leaves at 8:15, let alone out in public!