May 16, 2009

Great Strides is TODAY!

Our ticker says we are at $5240.00 in our fundraising because that is what has actually hit the CF account. However, I am VERY PLEASED to announced, with the money already received that is making it's way through the channels we are actually at:
I know I'm a broken record, but it's only because I believe it. This money WILL go straight to finding a cure or funding a medicine that will improve Samantha's quality of life. The foundation doesn't mess around with these dollars-they put them to good use, and this mom is so thankful!

I wish Dan were here this morning. Of course I always wish he were home, but if I could pick 1 day of the whole deployment to have him here it would be today. He loves Great Strides, loves fundraising, and most importantly loves his Baby Girl. [The other day we bought chocolate chip cookies at McDonalds (3 for $1). Samantha said, "How about a cookie for my daddy?" Not much longer, baby girl.]

Back to Dan. So he is really the amazing fundraiser who has learned how to build a "Team" and has several fellow sailors who have raised money for us 2 years in a row. Read Dan's post to hear a message from "Team Sam-Deployed Edition"! Thank you, USS Antietam!


Jenn said...

Oh Alicia that is fantastic news!! Have a super walk today -- can't wait to hear all about it!~

Julie said...

Great job!

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

WoW!! That is AWESOME!! I wish I could raise that much!!