May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

As a Navy wife, I am thanked repeatedly for my husband's service. Friends and strangers both are loving and honoring. I am still surprised how Dan will be stopped in the middle of the grocery store and thanked if he is in uniform.

On Memorial Day, I am easily reminded that what I go through is not anything near like those who we honor today. They didn't just serve...they sacrificed. And their wives didn't just lose sleep and sanity and social events, they lost their loved ones...permanently.

Last night, Timothy asked "how do we celebrate Memorial Day?" (knowing each holiday has it's own traditions). I said, "We take time to think about the military who died so we can live freely in the United States of America". He said, "They died?" Yes, and since we are the beneficiaries of their sacrifice, we honor them today.

Image found on Flickr.

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