March 25, 2011

Week #1, Basement Storage "Before"

Even though it is snowing outside my window as I type, this is the first week of Spring!  And to celebrate I am gearing up to do some Spring Cleaning.  I realize traditionally this refers to "deep cleaning", and I'll be doing that, but what my house really needs is some organization help!  We moved here in September, and I didn't get it set up from the inside out.  We've been blessed with the largest house we've ever lived in.  I couldn't be happier, but there is a small downside.  Even though there is tons of storage space here, there are are very little shelves to help with vertical spacing.  I am going to Spring Into Storage!

I will be using the P-R-O-C-E-S-S created by Laura, the Organizing Junkie!  The first step "P" is "plan of attack".  My plan is to organize all of the hidden storage areas in my home.  I plan to work on one space per weekend (except my outside storage which may need several)!  Since Spring started on March 21st and Summer begins June 21st, that means there will be 13 weekends of Springing Into Storage.  I am very excited!

Here is a list of the spaces I intend to tackle.  They are in no particular order:
  1. Basement Storage
  2. Laundry Room
  3. Coat Closet
  4. Kitchen Pantry
  5. Built In Desk
  6. Linen Closet
  7. Timothy's Closet
  8. Samantha's Closet
  9. Master Closet
  10. Garage
  11. Outside Storage
I am a big fan of the before and after photo, whether it be a makeover or room decor, so that's what I'm going to do!  I will start by posting a "before" photo some of my general plans.  I'll post it on Friday if I've had enough time to think ahead!  When you see the before pics you'll think: "Alicia must have made those spaces look extra messy so her after shot would look better!"  Let's go with that.  And then after the weekend, I'll post photos of the P-R-O-C-E-S-S and the "after" shot!

Let's start the fun!  Below are before photos of my basement storage room.  This is an interestingly shaped space.  I think you can tell in the photo since it's under the staircase it has a slant in the ceiling, but at the entrance the space is full height.  There is about a foot on each side of the door to the wall.  This is the only closet in my basement where I homeschool, so I hope to eventually use this room for storage of all things school and craft!   Wish me luck!


Sheila said...

Wish I was there. I would have so much fun helping you organize :)

Alicia said...
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Alicia said...

I wish you were here too! That would be wonderful! Don't be surprised if I still ask you questions, though!!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Wow! You weren't kidding about messy! :) I think more space can be a curse rather than a blessing. We tend to spread out and not be as diligent about cleaning it up. Can't wait to see what happens with this series.

Alicia said...

It took a lot of work to throw all those boxes around for the before picture!