April 4, 2011

Spring into Storage: Week #2, Coat Closet

I had to pick an "easy" project this weekend because I AM SICK!  Not much is going on around this house these days except trying to get well!  I couldn't get the whole closet in one shot, so I had to take a "top" and "bottom" photo.  Before pics:
Even though the whole thing seems a mess there are 2 main things that I wanted to change:
1. Clothes on the top shelf-those are clothes the kids have grown out of that need to be given away. Once I clean them, I throw them up there, so I need a box for each child so it's neat from here on. On the left is a stack of bags, and I've put them all in the black bag to use them whenever I need.
2. I thought these vertical storage shelves would be perfect for shoes. Well, I liked them, but the rest of my family couldn't quite get on board, so I needed to go back to the shoe rack we had at our last home. Whatever it takes for a 5 & 7 yr old to put up their own shoes!
While I was cleaning up, I put the kids' snow boots up high so they wouldn't get in the way.  The basket on the ground has gloves and scarves, and the walmart sack is a bag that I need to give to someone.  I love opening my coat closet now!


Deanne said...

Great job! I recently did my coat closet as well. It was driving me insane. It's actually stayed presentable since then too, which I am incredibly happy about.

Heather said...

Very nice, my hall closet could use a nice cleaning as well. Today I tackled my master bedroom: http://www.sumnerrain.com/2011/04/05/tacke-it-tuesday-april-5/

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Nice work!! I like how you are repurposing organizational items you already have. That closet looks great! I'm sure you can get out the door easier with it so well organized.