October 25, 2007

Community Kindness

The San Diego fires have wreaked havoc through several communities. Entire neighborhoods have burned to the ground. I can't imagine trying to find a place to live for months until my house gets rebuilt. In the midst of this, there has been an amazing outpouring of support from the citizens of San Diego. They say Qualcomm had equal number of volunteers as evacuees. As a resident of this city, that warmed my heart.

I realize it's hard for me to describe how close (or far) the fires are from us, but in general we are pretty much the least affected in the whole county. If you've seen a map of the fires, there isn't much of the county not affected, especially as the Harris fire (in the south) continues to burn. I sound like a children's song when I say that you can't go North of us and can't go East of us. You can go about 7 miles south and 5 miles west (the beach), and that's the safest part of San Diego!

Obviously, our little neck of the woods has not had to suffer much. The biggest need we have is a place for our kids to play because we can't go outside. The recommendation has been for all small children (with or without lung issues) to be indoors. Coming to our rescue is the Hebrew Day School, right outside our military housing. They have opened their air conditioned facilities (with good circulated air) to the military community to bring their kids to play. How awesome is that? I am a born again Christian, and I hope that if we had a Christian pre-school close by that we would have offered the same thing. Meeting people where their needs are. Love it!

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