October 19, 2007

Military Comments

Stephanie was very kind in her response to the IA blog by saying again how thankful she is to our military. I should do the same thing. I don't want to discount what the Army and Marines have been doing in Iraq for years. My cousin, Chris, is an exemplary soldier in the Army. The Army is lucky to have him. His wife, Tabitha, is the perfect Army wife. She is a wonderful mother and strong woman. He was in Iraq for the better part of this last year, and one of his more horrendous jobs was knocking on doors looking for our missing soldiers. I worried for his safety. He's home as I write this, but since the Army has implemented 17 month deployments, he could be gone again anytime. It's ridiculous. Our last military neighbors were Marines. The husband had been deployed 3 years in a row-7 months in Iraq and 5 months home. What our Army and Marine families sacrifice for the sake of war is mind boggling. Sometimes they sacrifice the family itself.


jill said...

you know, i hate this war but at the same time i support our President and the soldiers and families performing the duties. such a hard line to draw.

Stephanie said...

You are very welcome. Thank you for opening my eyes to what military life is like. Love you.