October 26, 2007

Time IS Money!

Yesterday, I had to get meds at our pharmacy, and it is a lengthy task. I spent about an hour and 15 minutes waiting for meds (that was a quick day) versus 15 minutes that I spent at Walgreens when I was in Dallas. Honestly, Walgreens was quicker than that because I would call the prescription in, and just pick it up in the drive thru. As I sat at our pharmacy yesterday waiting for Sam's meds, I was thinking about how I would much rather pay in time than money!

When I got home, I quickly calculated that the cost of the 3 medications I picked up was $1519.95. That's only 3 of Sam's 5 medications, and that wasn't even a 90 day supply for all of them. If I had to pay that out of pocket, it would save me an hour, but look at what it would have cost me in dollars! And even if I had used our insurance, but gone to a civilian pharmacy, I would have spent $63. I would obviously sit for an hour at the pharmacy instead of pay $1500, but even that lesser dollar figure is crazy when you think about ongoing medical care. I would have to work an 8-hr day to even come up with $63 for meds. Today I am once again thankful for military insurance in which we don't have to pay a cent, and I am thankful that I have an hour of my time to give.


jill said...

wow - and i complain about sprat's reflux meds!! i'm so glad that you guys' insurance pays for ALL of that!

Stephanie said...

I hear ya!! My one med is $1500 for one month. With my insurance it costs me $30.

Have you told your husband how much money you saved him? = ) It really puts working outside the home into perspective when you run the numbers on what it actually costs.

Tad and Monica said...

Hey--I have added a password protection to my blog. Send me an email at monicahardin@gmail.com so I can send you an invitation.