October 19, 2007


I think I learned that word and it's definition in 6th grade, but preschoolers do it without knowing what it's called. This morning Timothy woke up way earlier than I was ready, and I wasn't quite thinking straight as I got him started on his day. I was headed back upstairs to get myself ready when Timothy said, "Mom, your glasses miss you." Who knew personification could be so cute?


Stephanie said...

Too cute!! We were talking about "California" at supper the other day (I forget why). Will was very intrigued to know I have a friend with a little boy his age in Cal. He was also quick to confirm that he is older than Timothy. That's his thing right now - to be the oldest, best, fastest, strongest, etc.

Shayna said...

Aww, cute! That reminds me of a quote I read a couple of months ago:

"Instead of the old punishing puritanical moralisms about dropping litter on the street, we need a new and enjoyable animism that children would be the first to understand. "Don't throw that candy wrapper on the street"--not because "what if everybody did that?"--but instead "because your candy wrapper doesn't want to lie around in the gutter or be stepped on; it wants to be in the trash basket along with its friends."
~James Hillman

Alicia said...

Steph-Timothy is just as competitive!! I hear "I beat Sam" all day long. Talk about needing to pick on someone his own size!

Shayna-Great quote!