March 31, 2008

Big Girl Bed-Part II

Before Dan and I went to bed we checked on her, and she was sleeping soundly head on pillow. We pulled her covers up over her. We all slept through the night. If she cried, we didn't hear her! I woke up at 6:30 am and sat at my computer which is in the hallway of all our bedrooms to hear Baby Girl cry for me this first morning that she has freedom to get out of her bed. It was quite the sacrifice to read blogs in the name of being a loving mommy.

In about 10 minutes I started hearing little noises. I gave 5 more minutes, and then I opened her door. She was smiling big, and I think playing on her bed because she was at the opposite end as her pillow on her hands and knees. She's very into pretend play these days--sometimes she's a tiger, sometimes a puppy, and sometimes a baby. The first thing out of her mouth was what she says every other morning, "I want something to eat!"

So we made it through night 1 and morning 1. Yay!!!


Anonymous said...

Honey, very awesome! I'm so happy for you and our little girl! I hope nap time goes well!


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I'll say you are a giving mom if you were up at 6:30 am!!! Thank the Lord Joel's around to do the morning duties around here cause I can barely haul myself out of bed at 8 am. (Ben's usually up by 6:30. Ugh!)

Shayna said...

Congratulations! It sounds like you did this in a really thoughtful, smart way. (My dad was a "let them cry it out" parent too, and it killed my mom to go along with it, but she did, and I don't feel scarred in any way!) And good for Samantha, too. What a big step.

jill said...

good for you! i hope she continues to do well. how old is sam now? we have stairs too, but our bedroom is downstairs. i'll have to get locking gates i guess when it's sprat's time for that.