September 9, 2009

Children's Classics: Back to School

This definitely is a "non-traditional classic," but I do think it will be in the future, and it fits perfectly with this back to school theme.  Wemberly Worried is one of Kevin Henkes Mouse Books, and if you want to read more about all of his books you can click here.  This one in particular deals with how worried Wemberly is about the 1st day of school: 
Wemberly's parents think that she worries too much. So does her grandmother. "'Worry, worry, worry,' said her grandmother. 'Too much worry.'" So imagine how poor Wemberly feels on the first day of school. She has a whole list of worries. What will school be like? Will she make friends? Will people laugh at her doll, Petal?

 Just a very sweet book that could really open the lines of communication about what happens at school.  And all the better if your child is already comfortable with other Mouse Books!


Jennifer, Snapshot said...

That's cute. I am not familiar with Kevin Henkes.

morninglight mama said...

Oh, thanks for putting this one in the mix-- great pick!

(And let me take a moment to say to my lovely editor-- WHAT?? You don't know Kevin Henkes?? Get thee to a library right away!) :)

Chrysanthemum is another good one about school issues as well. Thanks for the Henkes reminder!