September 19, 2007

Dan's Work Schedule

Everyone always asks me what Dan's schedule is like, so I figured I would spend some time explaining. I've been given permission to say that IN GENERAL there is an 18 months home, 6 months deployed rotation when we're on sea duty. But even when they're "home" they spend a great deal of time away preparing for deployment. For example, 2006 was a "home" year, and Dan spent 1/3 of it on the ship.

Not everything is bad, though. Dan has been on “stand down” the last month which means he has only had to go to the ship about 5 times during the whole month. It’s a wonderful perk after a 7 month deployment. He goes back to work on Monday, and for a while it will be as close to a 9 to 5 schedule as the Navy gets. Before long we’ll be working up to the next deployment, but if I tell you when that is I would have to kill you.

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