September 20, 2007


  • She LOVES to eat. The crunchier and chewier the better! You can see the picture I've posted of her eating broccoli. Ironically, for her, it would be better if it was smothered with cheese or butter (yes, that's straight from the doctor), but at least she's eating something with tons of nutrition! She eats broccoli from the top like she's mowing grass.
  • She's our little gymnast. She's a great climber and can even balance on Dan's back when he's laying on his stomach (imagine surfing).
  • Her vocabulary just exploded this week! "Tank-o" (thank you) sounds the cutest, saying it when she's supposed to and when we're supposed to.
  • CF-She has been amazingly healthy lung-wise. Unfortunately, she's dropped back off the growth chart since our last doctor's visit in Dallas. She is very small, and we are working like crazy to stuff calories into her! More blogs to come on this topic.
  • She is so good about sleeping. When it's bedtime, I can say, "Are you ready to go night night?". She says "yeah", puts her thumb in her mouth (which she only does when sleepy), and then walks to her room. In fact, earlier today I was "blogging" and she was being awfully quiet. Last I had seen her she was sitting on Timothy's bed reading books. I went upstairs to check on her, and she had laid herself down on Timothy's pillow and gone to sleep! It was naptime, and she knew it. I moved her to her crib, but I think it's time for a big-girl bed. Sniff sniff.

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