September 19, 2007


  • He can identify almost every car symbol and LOVES to do it. The other day Ford and Suzuki were his favorites, but yesterday it was Scion!
  • He just started identifying football teams. He knows the Eagles but not the Cowboys or Chiefs, so we have some work to do. He requests Sports Center over cartoons now, so I don't think it will take long.
  • Green is his favorite color (not influenced by me, for those of you who knew me in 9th grade!)
  • Preschool is from 1-5 every day. It's the same school he was at when we moved to Dallas, and I didn't think we would get back in. Not only did he get in, but he even started the first day of school, so I'm very pleased. He loves going to school to be with "all the boys and girls".
  • He cherishes Samantha - Two days ago they were playing and I called him to go to school. He said, "Sorry Sam. I really, really have to go to school. See you tomorrow." Then when I picked him up from school he said, "I miss Sam." Yesterday, Dan picked him up from school, and when he came in the door he gave me a quick cursory hug, then asked where Sam was.
  • He is aggressively independent, which is a continual reminder to his parents of how we act towards our Heavenly Father.
  • He loves to sing and dance. He is convinced he can break dance because "that is cool". Recently, he has started making up his own lyrics to all his favorite songs. It's so fun!

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