August 5, 2008

Day 7, Part 3: Wall-E

Timothy LOVES computer activity, and his interests vary. Sometimes he'll play a Nick Jr. game (like Backyardigans racing something or other). Many times he just wants me to pull up where he will study team after team. Of course his new obsession (still) is all things Wii. He watches video clips over and over of different Wii games. He is up to about $40 saved for his Nintendo Wii, and he's already told me 4 games he wants to buy. He is always eager to educate others on the various games he is playing. Here Timothy is explaining some game to Priscilla, and she showed him love by listening! She also showed him love on Day 7 of our trip by giving him early birthday presents.

I knew Timothy was looking forward to the movie, but who know Wall-E would become his "best friend". Timothy has slept with Wall-E and even played games with Wall-E.

Timothy has really been so tender when it comes to Wall-E. We did take Wall-E, the robot, to see Wall-E, the movie. I usually look for Pixar to give me a more entertaining movie, but Wall-E was all about sacrifice and courage. And both of my preschoolers enjoyed it!

One last picture of Samantha from Day 7 of our trip. She's so fun!

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