August 26, 2008


When the new season of Eureka started a few weeks ago, Dan and I realized that we had missed the entire 3rd season! Because it's such a unique tv show, it's not "in-store" anywhere. I can't remember exactly why we chose Netflix over Blockbuster (they weren't very different at all), but our Netflix subscription does come with thousands of titles you can view instantly on your computer. Examples of those instant titles are "Heroes: Season 1" and "The Neverending Story". I have to admit I was leery about the whole "turn around" time aspect of this, but I have been totally impressed!

We received our 1st dvd within 1-2 days of signing up. We turned it in before 5pm on a Sat at our local post office that has a 5pm pick up. Mon morning I received an email that said they received the dvd at 6am that morning! We received the next dvd with the mail on Tuesday! The 2nd dvd we received we turned in Sun night, and I got an email about an hour ago that they received it this morning. What's great is they send an email when they receive the dvd, and then they send another email when they ship out the next dvd telling me when I can expect it.

In my account I've built my own movie wish list. Since we are on a "1 dvd at a time" plan, they will automatically send me whatever is next in "queue". We knew we would be too busy to watch more than 1 at a time, plus if we're free one night with no dvd we can search through the library of movies we can view instantly. For 1 movie at a time coming to our door, unlimited movies in a month, and thousands of options on the computer, we pay $8.99/month. It's a deal and best of all it really is as hassle free as they make it sound!

What kind of experience with Netflix or Blockbuster have you had? Or Red Box?


Sharon said...

Hey girlfriend -- We subscribe to the same Netflix program as you and love it! We occasionally also pick up a flick at RedBox -- which you can't beat for a buck (assuming you return it on time!)

Gindi said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Netflix. Bray's out of town once a week so I have a que that is all my own & I've watched the best movies & had such rapid turn around, it's all I can do not to subscribe for the two unlimited b/c my que is now at 40 movies!!!