August 23, 2008

Our first potty training triumph!!

We pottied in the potty chair!!! I didn't know how much fun this could be! Now I understand that John & Kate Plus 8 episode: It's a Memory. Timothy was so tall by the time he was potty trained that we never needed a potty chair. Samantha is so proud and excited to sit on it. Anyway, I digress

We made a whole big deal about pouring it into the toilet, and then we got our first sticker. Oh, she loves it!!! And then I realized that to both include Timothy in this AND to encourage Samantha even more that I would give Timothy his own star chart for pottying (he has always had a big bladder, so I would like him to go more often any way). Plus, I've been thinking about giving him a star chart for food, and this will re-introduce him to the charting concept. We haven't charted anything in a long time.

Speaking of food. Samantha ate her first taco today. I was so excited!! She practically ate an entire one by herself. And Timothy (you're not going to believe this) ate several bites of my Spicy Italian sub of his own volition!!! Wonders never cease!!!

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Christi said...

That is HUGE! Ok yeah for Sam for pottying, and YEAH YEAH for Timothy eating new things! Wow, what an encouraging day!