August 25, 2008

In a holding "potty" pattern...

So we haven't pottied again in the potty since that random time on Sat, but because of church and nap yesterday we didn't have underwear on much. Sam had 2 accidents yesterday and none so far today. I think she just doesn't know what to do when she sits there, which makes me think she's not ready. I've committed to 3 full days, but any thoughts would be warmly welcomed.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Since you asked for my thoughts... = )

Given the checklist you did - she's NOT ready. I don't pay any attention to those "expert" checklists (which are put together by MEN who've never trained a child a day in their lives!).

Here's my checklist: can she hold the pee in? can she make the pee come out when she wants it to? Is this a convenient time for mom to potty train? Does being wet/or stinky bother her?

I find it much easier to change a few diapers during the day than to remember to make a child go sit on the potty or clean him up when I've forgotten. That's just me. It sounds like Ellie and Sam are about at the same readiness level. Ellie can hold it for hours. She can occasionally make it come out when she wants to and she understands what the potty is for. But she doesn't mind being wet or dirty and sitting on the potty is a fun play time for her. I don't want to sit there and play! Not to mention come Oct. I don't want to remember to take her to the bathroom.

My final thought is that Timothy will be starting school soon (2 weeks?). At which point your schedule and life will change. Why put yourself through the stress of potty training AND adjusting to school at the same time?

Just a few of my thoughts. = )

jill said...

girl i have NOTHING - i'm just keeping this all in mind for when jack is ready :)