February 21, 2008

Romans 7 Paraphrase?

Since I've gotten my new computer, Timothy is convinced the old computer (with an even older CRT monitor) was a new present to him. We also put this really bad mouse and keyboard with it that I think we'll change out eventually, but we're in no hurry. Anyway, Dan and I use that computer every once in a while, but enough that we need the mouse pad on there because we can barely get the mouse to work without a mouse pad. Timothy is not used to a mouse pad because we didn't need one before this cheapo mouse. For several days I noticed the mouse pad on the floor when I would pass, and I couldn't understand why. I thought maybe it was falling off (big mouse pad, little keyboard tray) until I saw Timothy THROW it on the ground when he started to play on the computer one day. I calmly explained that it was fine for him not to use the mouse pad (although Dan and I seriously don't know how he gets it to work), but instead of throwing it on the floor he should just gently put it up on the desk.

I think I may have seen him try this new behavior once (don't know if he did it other times). Then I walked in yesterday and he was playing at the computer with the mouse pad on the floor beside his chair. I calmly (which is a miracle, you know) said, "Timothy, the mouse pad is on the floor." First he said, "Oops. Sorry!" Then as he bent down to pick it up, he thought out loud, "I just keep wanting to throw that down, and I'm not SUPPOSED to throw it down!"

There are SO many things that I keep on doing that I am definitely not supposed to be doing-I really identified with my precious son. And through my internal laughter, all I could hear was the Apostle Paul saying, "For what I am doing, I do not understand; for I am not practicing what I would like to do, but I am doing the very thing I hate." Romans 7:15


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Amen! Out of the mouth of babes!!!

natasha said...

My children teach me things every day about my relationship with the Lord and how He must see me.... how about when He says "no" and I throw a little tamtrum....