February 4, 2008

Tiger Cruise on USS Antietam

Many ships have a "Tiger Cruise" on the way back from deployment. This is where family members get to travel on the ship. My father-in-law accompanied Dan on the last leg of his deployment from Hawaii to San Diego. They just found this article in a Michigan paper (I don't know how), and since there is an actual picture of Luther shooting a gun, I thought I would post it. The article is here.


Jojo said...


I am Jojo Vicencio, a former shipmate of Dan in Japan onboard the Mobile Bay. I retired in 2000 and am back home in the Philippines. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Your thoughts on record are very encouraging, humourous and very relatable. I look forwaard to coming back to your site.

jojo vicencio

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

This was very cool! I've always wondered how a Kansas boy ended up in the NAVY. Now I assume it was partly cause of his dad? VERY cool that his dad got to join him.

Jojo Vicencio said...

Wow! That event reminded me of the many tiger cruises we had. The most memorable was the last one because my daughter was able to ride the Mobile Bay from Nagoya to our homeport in Yokosuka. What a thrill it was to show my daughter what the ship does. I was also surprised since my sister lives in Holland, MI. The read the same paper.