February 22, 2008


I found this on a Xandra's blog tonight, and I couldn't help but do it!!! I was wondering if those 2 years of high school typing paid off at all. I know there's no way I won't sound arrogant, so on top of my typing speed I'll add that I was 100% accurate. Even more arragoance: I did this on our laptop, which I think is harder than a regular keyboard. I'm surprised they don't build that into the score, but you'll see it at the results if you take the test yourself. And yes, please comment about how much you beat me!!!

73 words



Anonymous said...

You are way faster than I am. I got 62 with 1 mistake. I never could type without looking at my fingers until I started emailing lots. I don't use my fingers in the right places or anything but I managed to type this in under 15 minutes LOL

jill said...

DUDE i got 152 with 4 wrong words. i got the keyboarding award in high school, but i didn't know i still had it! lol sad i know.

Anonymous said...

Honey, you're a speed demon! I couldn't come close, and I'm a writer! Ok, that's not a reason why I should be faster I guess. Anyway, thank you for humbling me this morning! I appreciate the fact that God is using you to keep my head on straight!


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

The first time it was 45. The second time I got 61. Let me defend myself. The first time I didn't realize the touch pad on my laptop was still active. It's huge and I hit it all the time with my thumbs so I usually turn it off. Of course I hit it during the test and had to move it back which slowed my score. Also reading it off the screen throws me off.

I hated my typing (yes, I learned on an electric typewrite in school) teacher. She refused to let us use the correction tape and was a stickler for for margin/spacing rules. She was strict! Now I'm glad she was. I was even more glad in college!!

This was fun. Thanks, Alicia!

Penny Henderson said...

Wow! You are fast. I was 64 and even tried twice to get it faster!! How are things going with you guys? Is everyone feeling better?