October 27, 2008

Cabrillo National Monument

Because we were done so early and were down in Point Loma, Amber suggested we go have lunch at the Cabrillo National Monument. I meant to go once when Gindi was visiting, but time did not allow, so I had never been. It's pretty much a must-see location after living in this city for almost 4 years (albeit broken up into 3 parts). Our Saturday adventure continues...

This map can give you an idea of where Point Loma is, and the National Park is located at the tip of it.

Can we say poor air quality? Yuck!

That's the statue of Cabrillo, and that's the Coronado bridge in the background.

Point Loma Lighthouse

A spiral staircase is always a fun shot.

And the boys found a little hiding "nook" at the bottom of it!

The lighthouse is now a cute museum that shows what the rooms looked like when they were living quarters. I couldn't take pictures of each room because of the glare, but here is a synopsis.

Caedmon said "Samantha and I are talking to our Daddies".

Coastal cities light up when you press the buttons.

And I have about 10 pictures of this shot because we had to get every combination of the 3 kids. Just trust me I have them-here's everyone though!

We finished our day by going to Border's Spooktacular. The kids were dressed in their Halloween costumes, so I'm going to save those pics for Friday. It was fun. The kids played/participated for about 30-45 min, and then we found an aisle we all enjoyed (especially the kids because it had toys). We vegged out and chatted for another hour! It was so much fun!!!! Amber is moving in 3 weeks, and I am going to miss her terribly. Maybe we'll follow her to Hawaii!

***Added later: David left a comment mentioning an article he wrote TODAY about the Cabrillo National Monument. If you are interested in more of the history than I provided (since, hello, I provided not one iota), then click here.

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David said...

I found your blog since I just did a write up on Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego and did a search. I thought if you or your readers were interested in some of the history you could check it out.