October 8, 2008

San Diego Weather

As everyone knows San Diego doesn't really have drastic changes in the weather. I'm from Texas where we say, "If you don't like the weather, just stick around for a few hours-it will be different!" And even when I lived in the Philippines, half of the year was rainy, with a typhoon here and there to mix it up! Of course, people are willing to buy extremely overpriced homes (or were willing before this market) just to live in this climate.

It doesn't prevent San Diego from having weather issues. Last Oct, we had horrific fires that engulfed the outskirts of the city due to dryness and high winds (and a spark). So, please feel sorry for us...we have to take precautionary measures because the forecast today is a high of 86!!! You think I'm joking. Last night, we received an automated message from Timothy's principal warning us of the heat today: to bring kids in cool clothes, pack extra water bottles for them to keep at their desk, put sunscreen on them. They will have minimal outside activity today!

I know the logic-there is no A/C in the room (that's the norm here), and when the kids have hours of no relief it gets bad. Timothy is particularly affected by extreme temps, so I completely understand and appreciate the lengths they are going to. But I can't help but laugh at what qualifies as a weather incident in this city.


Michele said...

That's really funny! 86 w/o air conditioning is the NORM here!

steffenboysmom said...

Where we are from, it's 63 today. But in the hot months of Aug and Sept, it can and does get in the 90's, often! Our school also does not have AC and the kidos get very warm, especially those on the upper level.
Last year, they bused the kids to the high school to cool off in the afternoon. They showed them a movie! How's that for quality education!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

It's all a matter of perspective! We're in the 60s today and have been leaving the furnace on at night and running it in the morning to take the chill off the air. Joel would like to have the electric blanket on our bed but I refuse to go that far - not to mention I'm giving birth in 2 weeks and the only thing cool about me is my feet! = )

Enjoy your "extreme" heat while it lasts. = )

Natasha said...

Hey, I understand! I grew up in the OC and they are big wimps up there too!!!! Fall is tough there, you are ready for cool temps and it just stays hot! No leaves turning colors and pumpkin patches are in parking lots... I cannot believe I survived it!!!