October 27, 2008

Craft Fair and I Spy Bags

My friend Amber told me the Holiday Treasures Craft Fair to benefit the Armed Services YMCA on Saturday. It sounded like fun, and I'm always up for spending time with Amber (and my kids are always begging to be with Caedmon) so I said yes! I tell you what, with scary Halloween stuff at every turn, it sure was nice to start thinking about Christmas. It was an amazing craft fair (people are so talented), and I went away with a few cute things:
  • Christmas ornament for my sister (not showing pic, in case she looks!).
  • Last Christmas I heard this idea: Buy an ornament each year that has to do with whatever activity or "love" your child has at the time, and note the year on it. Over time it will be fun to see what showed up each year. I still need to go back and fill in the "holes" of previous years, but it's a tradition I want to start. I found ornaments that represent both kids.
  • I Spy Bags. Our kids LOVE them! The Tip Junkie linked to Kelly's tutorial back in July. We got a fantastic deal at $6/piece, but you can buy them online here. I'm trying to convince my step-mom (seamstress extraordinaire) to make them! I've posted a picture of Timothy's, and if you enlarge it by clicking on the picture you can read the list of items that are in the bag.
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