October 29, 2008

Measurements Are Funny Things

So I've asked my step-mom for aprons for Christmas for me and the kids! I'm so excited! She needed me to get waist measurements and length measurements for them.

Timothy is 10 inches taller than Samantha. He's 95th percentile height, while she's 25th.

But here's the big surprise...both of my children have a 22 inch waist!!! Isn't that hysterical?


careysue said...

isn't it fun measuring each other...we have gotten the tape measure out for some reason or other and then we start measuring and comparing body parts!!!!

your nose is longer than mine...lets measure our ears...etc you get the picture, we end up laughing like crazy!

So cute that, you'll all have aprons!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

That is very funny! We keep telling Will that Ben may be bigger than him before too much longer. Will's convinced that because he's the oldest he'll always be the biggest.