October 27, 2008

Meet the Robinsons

We had a full day Saturday, and I wanted to get the kids vegging way before bedtime. So I tried out something new. As part of our Netflix membership, we can view many (hundreds) of titles on the computer instantly. I found a kids movie we haven't seen, popped some popcorn, and settled down for some movie going fun. Meet the Robinsons is cute. I would recommend it for a light, enjoyable family movie night.

Amber had driven us around all day, and I hadn't put the car seats back in our car. The kids decided they wanted to use their car seats as movie "theater seats", and that's how they watched it! I sat on the couch.


Pam said...

AWESOME IDEA! We have that movie! Cute and corny!

ChefDruck said...

Looks cute - thanks for the recommendation!

careysue said...

I think your kids are just precious! And what a great idea with the car seats!!

Thanks for stopping by today I know you know!!!

They're thinking of putting in a g-tube...something I never thought he'd need...I learned today higher weight means longer life, so go at it I say!

I am putting you on my blog roll so that I can check in and see how you, and your families doing. I hope you don't mind.

kimberly@guthco.com said...

Just stumbled across your blogging through a link from a page through a blog ... and etcetera
Just wanted to let you know I'm glad to hear your baby girl won't be admitted this time. I have an almost 2-yr-old son and almost 5-yr-old daughter with CF (she also has alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency). We've been fortunate but you never know when that big, bad lung infection is just around the corner. Hope you make it through this winter unscathed.

Christi said...

Love it, too fun!