October 31, 2008

Merry Masquerade

You know how another greeting for Merry Christmas is Happy Holidays? Well, I'm starting a new one for Halloween: Merry Masquerade! Hee hee! These pictures are from our Saturday of fun with Amber & Caedmon.

Timothy casually told me about a month ago that he wanted to be Mario. It was fun that he picked a costume before seeing the options. Thankfully it was a simple one to put together because Mario "costumes" were only accessible online and those were out of stock!

A few weeks ago, we saw a tiger costume at Party City and she "knew" that's what she wanted to be. I went back a few days later, and they were all gone. And after calling all Party City's in San Diego, I discovered they were gone from the whole city! Amber lent me a lion costume (which is adorable and I hope to get her in it today). But when Sam wears it (we've played dress up a lot), she says, "I'm a LION, and I'm going to be a TIGER for Halloween!" I happened to say this on facebook and another friend of mine said, "I've got a tiger costume!"
She doesn't look very ferocious, does she?

Caedmon was the Green Lantern. How cool is that? And while I don't know much about comic books, there were several people at Border's who DID know and were loving it!

And here is my Baby Girl climbing (yes, almost choking) on Amber!

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The Wristen Family said...

I had so much fun on this day!! Thank you so much for your friendship and for allowing us to be a part of your family!!