December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve

What a night! Our plan was to go to the Christmas Eve service at 5, come home and get full tummies, let the kids open one present before sending them off to bed, and then watch The Chronicles of Narnia. All of it happened, but not quite as smoothly as I wanted.

Samantha can stay quiet for spans of time, but when she makes noise it's really loud and typically not happy. After working for 45 minutes to keep her quiet during the service, we slipped out a little early.

On Christmas Eve the kids get to open one present-their annual pajamas. Timothy was more than thrilled to get Mario pjs. There is more Mario to come! Samantha loved her Scottie pjs at first "because they are red," but decided later she didn't want to wear the shirt. I'll make sure she's decent while opening presents.

We made the HUGE mistake of telling Samantha that she could sleep in Timothy's room . They were so excited, but Timothy had forgotten how much he hates it. He actually likes winding down in bed, and he has a hard time doing that when (and I quote), "Sam is jumping on me, and when I tell her to go to sleep she won't do it."

Both kids were totally hyped up. They couldn't calm down to save their lives! Every stereotype I've ever seen about kids staying up late on Christmas Eve "waiting for Santa" was how my kids were! Their bedtime is no later than 7:30, and they finally went to bed at 9:50!

Yes, I totally caved. I made a giant pallet on the floor, and we watched the movie together. Sam wanted to "lay down on the couch". All she could say about the movie over and over was, "Talking Beavers?" (insert giggle). Timothy groaned out, "It's taking so long." Dan and I asked what was, and he said, "Night time is taking SO long, I want it to be sunny."

I hadn't seen the first Narnia movie, and it was a wonderful film to watch on Christmas Eve. Just loved it! Here's a sneak preview of Christmas morning:

After great agony putting these scooters together, I opted for a bicycle that came assembled. All I had to do was add the big bow!

How was your Christmas Eve?


Lil' Chris' Mom said...

I hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Fun! Joel & I watch Prince Caspian last weekend. It was good but not amazing. Can't wait to hear (see?) Timothy's reaction to the bicycle. My guys have 13 inch bikes. Ben can ride his w/o training wheels but Will refuses to practice enough to learn. Maybe Summer 09 will be his year.

Kristen M. said...

Paul got the Super Mario Galaxy pj's. I had the hardest time getting them because each time I looked, his size was sold out. I finally found them this past week. We had a long night too. Some friends invited us over - but not until 8:30. So the kids were up until after 10 but on the flip side, we all slept in until 8. Merry Christmas!