December 25, 2008

Presents Galore: Real & Virtual!

We had quite a fun Christmas this morning. Presents do multiply like rabbits, though, don't they? It seems like we always open up more than we put under the tree. We are spoiled, but thankful.

I'll just touch on the gift highlights...

Dan-8 GB thumb drive from my parents. Very cool! My gifts to him were more follow up to other gifts this month. I bought him (us) a frame for one of our anniversary pics and a carrying case for his DS. Oh, and Timothy gave him a "gently used" Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Timothy-Nintendo Wii & Mario Kart. Need I say more? This boy has been studying Mario Kart characters on the computer for well over a year now. He is in heaven. My step-mom made us matching aprons, which I LOVE and can't wait to cook in the kitchen with my kiddos.

Samantha-My dad & step-mom got her a Little Einstein's toy laptop, which has a really neat spaceship shaped mouse that will be good practice for a real mouse. The huge hit of the day is the Littlest Pet Shop. She played with it for almost 2 hours straight!

Timothy has had a Doodle Pro since before Samantha was born, so we bought one for her this year. As you can see in just 3 years, they've changed the design quite a bit. Samantha's is handy because the shape holder is now magnetic to make it stick better. So as long as she remembers to put the shape back in it's spot, we won't lose them. Timothy's have all disappeared, but as long as the drawer is closed you would never know it! As soon as we lose one of hers, it will be much more obvious. Which design do you prefer?

Me-Dan really over "gave" to me this year, but he reminded me these presents have to stretch out over deployment. So to ease my guilt I'll count these as Christmas, V Day, and B-day presents. I got 2 kitchen gifts from my step-mom, and then these 3 from Dan!

My Christmas was topped off by 2 blogging presents:
  1. Print Shop from my parents-I can't wait to play with that!
  2. My 10,000th Page Load!!! This gift comes from Kristen McLane at This is appropriate since I met Kristen via blogging right before she moved to San Diego! Her blog is full of humor and wonderful anecdotes as they transition to a new city! Ironically, on Tuesday I received this Pillsbury basket I won from Kristen's wonderful giveaways. Hopefully it won't take me another 16 months to get 10,000 hits!


Dan Smith said...

Here's to the next 10,000! I love you!

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

Awww, I like Dan's comment:)
Looks like you all had a very merry christmas:) I hope every year from now on is the same:)

Cindy said...

Merry Christmas! Reilly received the Little Pet Shop, also...and played with it for hours! She didn't want to open anything else, just play with that! Funny kids!

Pam said...

I love it when the kids give of their own things to other! Jadon had a bag full of his things to give to grandma! He would have given her everything he owned (if it would have fit into the bag I gave him to fill!)

dena said...

I can't believe Timothy got a wii. Don't ever tell Brooke. First, the Hollaways, and, now, Timothy. These game gadgets are out of control! Brooke will make me go get one right now if she figures out your 5 year old has one.

Christy said...

Spoiled but thankful... that sums it up. :)

Awesome pictures!!!

Lynn said...

What a great apron your stepmom made. I'll bet your kids will be dying to help you out in the kitchen :)

tara @ kidz said...

WOW looks like everyone got spoiled! Love it!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Love the aprons! My kids each received a really minature cooking set (cookie sheet, rolling pin, measuring spoons, apron, etc.) from my brother's family. We also got 100 cookie cutters and Paula Deen's children's cookbook.

I hope to try out a couple of recipes next week and review the cookbook soon! = )

pam said...

Wow, great kitchen appliances, enjoy them. I also love you aprons. Your children are very cute. Hope you have a great New Year.