December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Samantha, today on December 8th, you turn 3, and I love that...

you have been calling yourself 4 yrs old for almost 9 months, confusing and amusing many!

you can take a tomato and pickle from your kitchen and name them Bob and Larry. And then care for them like they are the actual actors in the movies. I love that Larry's mom is a green bell pepper and Larry's dad is a cabbage. And that you are creative enough for a french fry to be Junior.

you talk to Timothy as your equal, convinced you can do anything he can do.

you adore him, and cry often "I want Tim [no o] thy". (You dropped "Bubba" months ago)

you are a daddy's girl, but still want me when you don't feel good (or Daddy says no).

you appreciate girly things ("That's pretty"), but will play with a car any day!

I have had 3 amazing years with you where you teach me patience (or is that try my patience?), show me that circumstances don't have to be obstacles, and remind me to snuggle.

I love you, Samantha!

And now that you're 3 I'm going to TRY to stop calling you Baby Girl!


Jessie said...

I gave you a blog award :)

steffenboysmom said...

Wonderful post! She is so precious!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Love that outfit!! She will always be "Baby Girl" just like Ellie will! Happy Birthday, Sam! And Happy Delivery Day, Alicia. = )

Dan Smith said...

I love you little one.


dena said...

Noah wanted to pass on his birthday wishes to his friend.

Cara said...

Happy birthday pretty girl! We were born on the same day, just many, many years apart. :)

Kristen said...

My baby is almost 4...and she's staying my baby till she's old enough to complain about it...or I have another child...which ever comes first!
Happy Birthday, Sam!

Tad and Monica said...

Isaac turned two yesterday! Do they really have the same birthday? Cool. And...are you anywhere near the neighborhood where the military jet's freaking me out not knowing where you live!

The Wristen Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!!! We miss you! Caedmon sends you a big hug! Wish we could be there and celebrate with you. Just make sure your mom takes awesome pics so we can look at them in Hawaii! Love you!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Samantha! I hope you had a very fun day.

Cherie said...

I know you don't know me I found your blog when I was browsing Tip Junkie.
This post spoke to me. Your little daughter is so adorable - Don't give up the "baby girl" name:)
My oldest daughter just got married a few months ago and I still call her "Baby Girl" as I have her whole life!

Daughters are special:)