July 14, 2008

Day 6: Kung Fu Panda and Dallas World Aquarium

On Day 5 my mom let Dan and I have a "retreat" night, and she kept the kids alone. It was so lovely! We saw Prince Caspian, which was fantastic and the best part was that we got a full night of amazing sleep! By this point in the trip, both Sam and Timothy had terrible coughs at night. I think it was allergies, but we were having to do all kinds of pillow propping and such. It disappeared a couple of days later. All that to say, our Day 6 started off great!

So Day 6 was a "child-focused" day. They got CiCi's Pizza since we don't have it in San Diego.

Next we went to see Kung Fu Panda.

I enjoyed this movie, and the kids made it through great. Samantha has taken to this movie more than Timothy, even. She loves to carry her "Tigress" Happy Meal toy around everywhere. If you want to enter to win a Kung Fu Panda activity cd, go to Adventures of a Breastfeeding Mother. I took a pic of everyone before the movie began (adults are Dan, then my brother, then my mom)...

Then we went to Dallas World Aquarium, which is a neat place. Unfortunately, I didn't get very many good pictures at all this time (I have great pics from another visit). It's like a rain forest inside, and I think because of the Dallas June temps, it was a little like a sauna. I think it made all of us a bit agitated. Timothy was whiny, but Samantha was enthralled.

And I got a couple of good pics of the kids.

Now, strike a pose...

And collapse into bed!


jill said...

we're going to dallas in early december, so i hope that's open! j would love it i bet!
i had no idea that D had a skin cancer removed. josh had one too a couple of years ago on the side of his head. squamous cell - scared me a little!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I love it! Strike a pose.

Dena said...

Traveling with you sounds like too much fun. Do you plan this all out in every detail or just throw it all in the car and see what happens?