July 21, 2008

Day 7, Part 1: East Texas-Fishing***

***An assortment of things happened on Day 7, so I'll be breaking this up into 3 different posts.

We had a wonderful time in Dallas. On day 7, we drove 2 hours to where my Dad and Step mom live in East Texas. My parents live on a small lake, so we don't miss a chance to do a little fishin'! I have wonderful pictures of Timothy in the past, but this was Samantha's first time. Plus, Timothy got to break in his new Transformer fishing pole! They had so much fun! And even though Sam was very interested in fishing, she showed she's still a girl by not wanting to touch the worms at all!


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Ah, fishin'! Sweet pictures for sweet memories.

Dena said...

Jimmy is NOT a big fan of fishing...worms, heat, bugs, etc. We may have to ask Grandpa Jim to take care of that for us.

Cara said...

What a cool little chick Sam is!