July 14, 2008

Banana Boat Product Endorsement

I've become a big fan of Banana Boat products, and I always want to pass on good product information to people. We spend a lot of time in the sun all year, either swimming or at the playground, and as you can see Samantha is extremely fair skinned. About 4 years ago, Dan had a sizable piece of skin cancer removed from the top of his head, so we can't take any chances.

We use the UltraMist™ Kids Tear-Free SPF 50. I don't spray it directly on my kids. I put it in my hand and then rub them down like it's lotion. I like that it's lighter than lotion and doesn't make you feel goopy. I bought it around May probably and still have tons. They wear it almost every day and have never burned with it on. Good stuff!

And if you don't have this product, you must buy it! I bought it when I bought the sunscreen thinking I would need to use it more often than I have. I grew up on "Green Stuff" that yucky green aloe gel and had never tried this product out. One day a couple of months ago, the kids and I went to the playground. It was cloudy out and I made that mistake of thinking we couldn't burn. Well, Sam and I both burned on our arms (as you can tell, Timothy only tans). She wasn't complaining, but it was bright red. I put this Aloe on both of us that night in the hopes that it would soothe her before she realized any discomfort.

Well, when we woke up the next morning our burns were GONE. Gone! And mine had tanned. It was crazy, and I thought surely that was a fluke thing. Then I was visiting my friend, Christi, in Wichita, and it was in her bathroom. I commented that it was amazing stuff, and she bursts out, "Yeah, it turns burns to tans in one day." Ha! That was so cool! And it could be that everyone already knows about this must have, but just in case...

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Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

We have that sunscreen. Though i confess I'm terrible at putting it on the kids. I just hate the way it feels. I've never tried that particular aloe gel though.