November 4, 2008

Talk to Me Tuesday: Halloween Show and Tell

I thought I was done with all my Halloween posts, but the Tip Junkie is doing a Halloween Show and Tell, which I thought would be really fun! Timothy decided out of the blue he wanted to be Super Mario, and a quick search showed buying a costume was out of the question. Well, it ended up being so much fun to put together and it was affordable!

Let's break it down:

Red Angels ball cap-Walmart $5.00

Red & White pieces of felt to make the "M"-craft store $.20/each = $.40

Mustache-black eye liner or black face pencil (since Timothy was wearing his costume at school, this made more sense than a stick-on mustache)

Red long sleeved shirt-borrowed from friend

White gloves-borrowed from friend

Overalls-size 5T from Target $16.00 (More than I wanted to spend, but couldn't find them second hand in the size I needed)

Buttons-punched out from yellow paper

Missing: Mario's boots-Kohl's had them for $27 and Payless had them for $23, but thankfully my son was cool with his tennies!

Here are 2 ideas that would have been really fun:
1. Mario and Luigi (for brothers or even twins-so cute!)
2. Mario and Princess Peach-I really wanted Samantha to be a princess so we could do this, but she already had her feline ideas!


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

How great that the things you really spent money on are re-usable in ordinary life! Unlike a costume.

Chelsea Ling said...

My husband went as mario too!!!