November 22, 2008

Timothy tried to obey!!!

Last night was a late night for us, so we all slept in this morning. I slept in until 8:20, which is I can't believe! Yippee!!! When I woke up, I heard no noise coming from Sam's room and "play noise" coming from Timothy's. Very nice. At 8:39, Timothy came out and said, "Mom, I've played and played, and the number never shows SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!" (Do you feel the angst?)

Oh, it made me laugh so hard! He also slept in later than he usually does, so by the time he woke up his clock had an 8 in the front. We have a rule that he doesn't get out of his room "until it says 7" because the days that he wakes up at 6:30am mommy still needs alone time before I start the day.

I never thought he would ever sleep until 8, and I would have to be specific enough to say "7 or HIGHER". But I have now, and so we got a mini-lesson/review in what higher and lower is. But I'm so glad he didn't know before today! The fact that he thought he needed to stay and play allowed me to sleep until 8:20 and still get 20 minutes of me time!!! And my son really worked hard to obey the rules. It's a good way to start the day!


Anonymous said...

What a good boy! Those numbers are a hard concept!
Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Lil' Chris' Mom said...

That's really cute! Such a smart boy:) You really taught him well.

BTW, aren't you celebrating your anniversary today? I hope you have lots of fun:)

Christy said...

How sweet he is!!! :) Glad you got to sleep in. I could never imagine saying 8:20 am is "sleeping in"...haha. My daughter will sleep until 12 on the weekends.

Pam said...

awww... how sweet and funny!!

Kristen M. said...

I love your "7" rule. My son woke me up before 7 this morning. I would have tried to go back to sleep but then he proceeded to wake up his sister (who had stayed up late last night reading a book in bed)...she started crying and that's when I knew that staying in bed was futile!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Ben is my early bird. He's rarely in bed after 7 am. So he's allowed to play (quietly!) in his room or the basement playroom until Joel or I get up. It goes without saying that a person doesn't sleep in when she's nursing a one month old baby!

Joel gave me the best birthday present yesterday! I nursed Sam at 10 pm Thursday night. Then passed him off to Joel who held him (that's when he'll sleep best but don't think we do this all the time!!!) until 3 AM. That was 4.5 hours of continuous sleep for me. It almost felt like a full nights sleep.

Anyway.. back to your post. A friend of mine has a night light in her kids room plugged into a timer. Her kids aren't allowed out of bed (they can read and play quietly in bed) until the light goes off. Works for her!