February 8, 2009

My House is Clean!

I saw this "piece of flair" on facebook today and laughed out loud! My house really is clean today (even dusted, as I just told a friend of mine on Sat). Thankfully, my computer isn't broken, but it looks like I have two options: update my blog or keep a clean house! Hopefully, I'm a little caught up in the clean house dept, and I can have a little more balance in both areas!

My number one priority during this deployment is to STAY CONNECTED to the real world around me, to real relationships. It's not easy! It seems like every time the phone rings I'm playing a game with a child or trying to balance the check book! Both kids are sick right now, too, which can lead to isolation. So a few things I'm doing are...

1. Following through on my personal commitments of MOPS and toddler room rotation.
2. Becoming an AWANA leader, which I LOVE!
3. TRYING to return every call and email I receive (this is a toughy for me)
4. Scheduling things that need to get done, no matter how unpleasant.
5. Staying caught up on google reader. CF & military communities are vital to me right now.
6. Checking facebook every so often. It's quick, fun, easy.
7. Planning a get together every weekend with a different circle of friends.
8. Emailing my husband!

His email came back online Wednesday. So nice! And then Fri morning I got a surprise phone call from him! I'm very grateful. So I'm going to keep on getting out of my head and try to care about the lives of other people! And hopefully I'll get around to blogging now and then!


Katey said...

YAY for clean house! Thanks for your comment....so if it's 4:20 am in Alabama, then it's 2:20 am in San Diego, right? I'm guessing you are awake then...like me :)

And yes...we need some joyous/good CF news right now!

Hope you can get some sleep!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Sounds like a good plan! Can you come to my house and work your cleaning magic? :)

Sharon said...

Good for you, being intentional about such things, which will help you stay connected and your spirits high. Way to go!! Hugs from Kansas.