February 23, 2009

Book Review: The Gift of Psalms

The Gift of Psalms has excerpts from 50 psalms along with a devotional for each. Also included in this gift set is three cds with 30 of the Psalms & devotionals dramatized by various celebrities. Because this book is the Psalms, you can’t go wrong. However, I want to quickly address a couple of things before moving to the good!

The first is some of the psalms aren’t written in their entirety. That’s confusing to read. The second problem is that the book and audio don’t always match up. The cds do include the entire psalm, so it is impossible to follow along with the cd while you read the book (as I would love for my newly reading 5 year old to be able to do). I wish the book had been reduced to the 30 psalms on the cds and had included all of the scripture.

Those are obviously quite nitpicky things, but if I were buying the set I would want to be aware of them. In terms of quality of the book, it would make a wonderful gift. Because it is aesthetically pleasing it would be perfect for someone’s coffee table, and the devotionals themselves are thought provoking. I kept the book in my car (to be close to the cds), and it was easy to grab when I knew I would be standing in line. I could read one or two at a time, and it was a simple way to read God’s word.

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