February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day E-Cards for Cystic Fibrosis

Send a card from the heart and help some one's lungs!

The CF foundation is offering a wonderful opportunity. You can send a Valentine's Day e-card illustrated by a CF child to someone you care about. The card pictured here is one of the amazing options. The cost of the e-card is by donation so you can determine the amount you want to give, and there is also a box that states whether or not the receiver will see the amount. Click here to send your e-card this week!

Why roses are significant to CF families...

"65 Roses" is the nickname given to CF after a little girl with Cystic Fibrosis overheard her mom on the phone talking about the disease. Every time the mom said "Cystic Fibrosis", the little girl thought she said, "65 Roses".

This Valentine's Day, when you see roses, please say a prayer for someone you know who has CF and/or someone who cares for someone with CF.


Anonymous said...

Such a good cause! My school is having a dance this week to raise money for CF. Also interesting is that in the Tennessee Williams play, "The Glass Menagerie," the daughter has pleurosis, which for similar reasons is referred to as blue roses. Tija Spitsberg (sorry, I do not have a blog account, hence the anonymous sign in

Julie said...

Thanks for getting the word out. I put a link to your post on my blog. Have a great day!