February 18, 2009

One Month Down, Five to Go

Yes, it's already been a month since we said good-bye to our sailor. Some days have gone pretty slowly, but I have to admit if each month passes like this one I'll be one happy camper. Today has been much more relaxed than the last few have been! And I have to share 3 things Timothy said today that are such a snapshot of his little personality right now:

1. Mrs. F stopped me to tell me about the "funniest thing" Timothy said at school today. They were talking about using all 5 senses, and she had each child tell what their favorite food was. Timothy said brownies. She asked him what brownies smell like, and he said, "They smell like HORSES!" Ha ha! Evidently, the whole class just rolled, but you don't think it's funny either, do you? Welcome to my son's new sense of humor.

2. We get into the car, and Samantha starts crying about her hand. Timothy drops his head and says, "Oh, I WISH she would STOP crying!" I wanted to laugh so hard!!! I only made it a day and a half hearing her cries before my nervous breakdown, and yet my son made it 4 days!

3. We were driving to Target where I had to pick up a few groceries. Samantha screams, "I want some yogurt!" I told her the good news is that we have plenty at home and when we get there she could have some. Timothy said, "The bad news is [he pauses for comedic timing] we're not getting any now!"

Now that was actually funny.


Kristen M. said...

#1 - I can totally relate. The kids were cracking themselves up in the car today. Their jokes made absolutely no sense but somehow they found humor in that fact.
#2 - I hope (for everyone's sake) that Samantha finds a distraction from her crying. I love how Timothy spoke his mind!
#3 - Yup, that's funny. :)

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Kids are so funny! I think Ben has a similar sense of humor.

pam said...

He is a funny little guy. Sounds a lot like my son, Matthew.

Yesterday our cat was howling as it came up from the basement. I said what do you think is wrong with that cat? Matthew said - it must be peer pressure.

I just about fell over laughing.

Christi said...

Funny stuff!

thebiglers said...

that is TOO funny that he told her "the bad news is we're not getting any now!"