February 1, 2009

Weekend Wrapup #2: Girl Night

We started our Sat with a trip to the library. Each kid picked out a Veggie Tales movie (this is fairly standard), and I checked out several books by Denise Fleming, an author that is new to me. I'll be reviewing those soon.

After that we attended another birthday party. It was a beautiful day in San Diego, and the kids played so happily! I actually got to talk to other moms for almost 2 hours straight! So fun! I'm going on my 4th day of no communication at all with Dan, so adult conversations are precious!

Sat night one of my best girlfriends from church came over to play! There is a father/son retreat at our church this weekend, so she was available! We put the kids down and had girl time! We watched Bend It Like Beckham-great movie.

Of course today is the Super Bowl! I am watching it for the football, and from what I've seen so far I think the commercials may be slim pickings this year. Hopefully, the really funny ones haven't been released yet, but here are a couple of good Pepsi commercials...

Good luck Arizona!

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