February 1, 2009

Nature Center

We had a school field trip last Thursday to the Chula Vista Nature Center. This museum promotes coastal resource conservation and environmental stewardship. It is located on the Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge and has become home to many endangered species. Samantha and I got to go with Timothy on this enjoyable field trip.

Samantha's first bus ride (she totally loved it)

We got to touch the sting rays-that white one is an albino.

The kids thought this eel and lobster next to one another was very cool.

Lots of birds...

You can see this owl's right eye is injured.

Even a giant nest.

And we could see the San Diego skyline from there...

I highly recommend it. A great little trip!


The Wristen Family said...

This is my favorite place in So Cal seriously! Wish I would have gone more. It is so cheap for military and the trails are nice around the property. The pictures made me miss it but in a good way. I loved the sea turtles.

Jessie said...

This looks like an awesome place, Breezy would love it she wants to be a veterinarian.

I to like the agressive approach,we have not be able to clear up this pseudomonas. I think this time will do it :)

how old is Sam? Your son us CF free?